All the products listed from our web site are either supplied by the individuals who placed the ad for them, or actually supplied by our partners at spacer1 Delivery . This means that you are lucky enough to be protected by their superb purchaser protection system. The products will be shipped by the particular merchant who advertised the merchandise. Sometimes, this means you may receive your goods within seven days, but usually considerably faster. one of the advantages of buying by this method, is that you have the opportunity to read the reports on the specific retailer you’vet elected to order from, and establish if there are any earlier serious complaints about delayed deliveries or misplaced goods.

The other plus factor of purchasing in this way, is that you simply typically have the benefit of protection should your delivery is lost in transit. Unless the provider can prove that your items were received, you will get 100% of your money back.

It is essential that you take the time to confirm the cost of shipping, as far too many web traders offer a fantastic low purchase price to start with, but make their profit on the shipping charges.