About Us

We strongly hope that we do things a touch differently from other online retailers.

You may ask, so what exactly makes us so good? We try to be better than the rivals in many ways. We work hard to improve the factors that differentiate us from others in our field and we treat each and every day a new opportunity to deserve your approval.

We are a long established on-line supplier. Our clients include worldwide companies, FTSE and AIM listed businesses, private business concerns, governmental bodies, non-profit charities and organizations and, by far the majority, home consumers.

We have over a decade of in-depth experience of e-commerce, both buying and selling, and in our opinion many businesses are not really offering an acceptable service. Anyone can sell a line item on the Internet but can they sell it competently? and is the customer’s experience safe and enjoyable from order to delivery?.

We firmly assert that being successful in businesss is based on establishing relationships. By comprehending the desires of clients, we may supply desirable merchandise and develop and maintain mutually beneficial effective interrelationships with our clients.

Central to our procedure is our established product research practice. Based on statistical research and assessments of client demand, it allows us to provide the latest most fashionable products to our consumers before our competitors.

As well as being a serious provider of products and services to the UK, we also enable the supply of products to many nations worldwide.

Even though we have a broad mix of clients, our approach is in general the same. We seek to establish interrelationships with our regular customers, appreciate their wishes and provide quality merchandise. Specifically we seek to provide products that match consumer’s requirements and to offer items that affect people’s lives in a constructive way.

When recruiting, we value divergence, support fairness and confront discrimination.

Encouraging a relationship with the wider community is also extremely significant for us. We recognize our responsibilities in every aspect of our company behaviour.

We are happy to receive feedback and comments concerning this website. If you spot any errors or think it problematical to operate, don’t be afraid to tell us and we will correct the problem. If you can advise on any merchandise that you would like us to stock, then don’t be afraid to send us a note and we will try to locate them and add them to our stock.